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What's Happening

Did you know...Carol Thompson is represented by the "Bay Avenue Gallery" in Ocean Park, Washington.  Carol and husband Ed will be appearing at the gallery on Sundays.  She will be an artist in action while Ed tends to the business of the gallery.  A seascape in oils will be her choice during these public appearances.  If you are interested in an original painting or a print on paper or canvas, these exclusive public appearances are a great opportunity to discuss options with this wife and husband team. 

Now showing at the "Fairweather House And Garden" in Seaside, Oregon.  A selection of original oil seascape paintings and prints on canvas (several "artist enhanced") are available.

The Newest

  Just Offshore (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Golden Sky (oil, prints on paper and canvas) The Stormy Coast (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Overcast (A) (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Overcast (B) (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Blue Sky And Black Rocks (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Foam Swirls (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Breaker! Breaker! (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Tossing Turbulence (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Counting Clams (pastel and prints on paper and canvas)  


Who's Looking

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